Star of Hope Romania

Star of Hope Romania is member of Star of Hope International from Sweden which has been developing activities in our country since 1989.

Star of Hope Romania was set up as local organization in 1998 and has the office in Iasi. Star of Hope Romania is a nongovernmental organization, based on Christian principles and values, with juridical personality, is non profit and nonpolitical.


Children in responsible families with equal access to play, education and development in community.

Mission Star of Hope Romania is to help the children in need to have a better life, to grow and develop in a climate full of dignity and trust, which values the human being.

The goal Star of Hope Romania activities: to support children in difficulty, especially the ones with disabilities.


  • Rehabilitation and integration for children with disabilities [details]
  • Parents' empowerment and organizational development for parents association [details]
  • Changing community mentality toward children with disabilities [details]
  • Family and school abandonment prevention


Star of Hope is member of the following networks:

  • National Down Syndrome network
  • NGO’s Federation (FONPC)
  • Ropar Foundation Iasi
  • Inclusion Romania
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