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Căldură la Valea Seacă

În decembrie 2014, „Star of Hope” Suedia în parteneriat cu „Star of Hope „România a iniţiat campania de susţinere a romilor aflaţi în dificultate „Căldură de Crăciun”, ce a avut loc la Valea Seacă, judeţul Bacău. Impresionaţi de poveştile romilor care cerşesc în oraşele din Suedia, locuitorii din Regatul Peninsulei Scandinave s-au mobilizat şi au strâns ajutoare pentru rudele celor din Valea Seacă.

Peste 20.000 de euro au luat calea României şi au ajuns la 100 de familii sărace din comuna băcăuană. Voluntarii de la Fundaţia Star of Hope România au împărţit alimente şi lemne, astfel încât şi cei defavorizaţi să aibă parte de căldură de Crăciun. În cadrul campaniei au fost distribuite 80 de metri cubi de lemne de foc, 100 de pachete de alimente pentru familiile sărace şi 150 de pachete de Crăciun pentru copii.



Parents Conference - Mamaia 2014

Conferinta parintilor

This year, Star of Hope Romania Foundation organized the third edition of the Parents Conference.

With the support of our sponsors: Star of Hope International Sweden, Ulriksbergskyrkan in Vaxjo, Heather Dyce from England and sponsors from Romania. We were able to cover the costs of the conference with their support.

The location was a very special one: the Black Sea.




Activities developed at the Star of Hope Center Barlad - may - june 2014

Courses of personal development and parental education – Every month, in the Center from Barlad, personal development and parental education courses take place. The topics approach various topics, important to parents of children at the Centre: Preventing and fighting stress and anger, Communication, Stages of child development, Discipline etc.

The biggest challenge comes from the fact that each subject is required to be adapted both for children with special needs and for their brethren. The last meeting's theme was "Preventing and combating anger". Parents feel increasingly confident and discuss freely. Even if they were not aware of the methods they used, they have well-developed strategies to combat anger.




Activities developed at the Star of Hope Center Husi - may - june 2014

Children in the Star of Hope Center from Huşi prepared a drawing exhibition, having as a theme “The childhood world seen through the eyes of a child”, on the occasion of June 1st, International Children's Day. The work was conducted in collaboration with Anastasie Panu School, with the involvement of the educational advisor, Talaşman Elena, and of the librarian, Irina Galusca. The children fron the fifth grade prepared an art show entitled 'Give a Smile'. The children in project received diplomas for their drawings and went to the park, where they served pizza.

Husi 2014 Husi 2014 Husi 2014


Activities developed at the Star of Hope Center Dorohoi - may - june 2014

Star of Hope Center Dorohoi supports a total of 26 children with Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, microcephalalgia, with recovery, socialization, integration of children and support groups for mothers and fathers.

Dorohoi Iunie 2014 Dorohoi Iunie 2014

A total of five children were awarded at the Special Olympics at athletics-running, 25 and 50 m. They received diplomas, medals and a trophy. The event took place on the sports field of the "A.T.Laurian" National College Botosani.




Activities developed at the Center Star of Hope Iasi - may-june 2014

June 1st – Children's day

1 IUNIE - Ziua copilului

The children beneficiaries of the Star of Hope Romania Foundation, together with their brothers, sisters and parents, celebrated the International Children's Day at the “Star of Hope” Regional Center.

Over 60 children with special needs enjoyed the presence of an entertainer who carried them in the world of fairy tales. Each child was costumed as a character, they enjoyed a show with soap bubbles, they played games, danced and sang together with the volunteers from the “I.C.Stefanescu” Technical College.

The specialists from the foundation prepared sweet, happy and colorful surprises for the children. The child with special needs in, first, a CHILD.




"Federation of Parents Organizations - equal opportunities for children and youth with disabilities” Project

On June 25, 2014 Star of Hope Romania Foundation launched the "Federation of Parents Organizations - equal opportunities for children and youth with disabilities” in the Yellow Room of the Prefecture. The event was attended by 50 representatives from: Iasi County Council, Department of Community Assistance Iasi, The Prefect of Iasi Institution, representatives of parents, volunteers, local media, parents and children. The project is funded by the county of Iasi - Iasi County Council, according to the Law nr.350/2005 on the regime of grants from public funds allocated to nonprofit activities of general interest.

Conferinta Mamaia 2014 Conferinta Mamaia 2014




The NGO Fair held

Star of Hope Romania Foundation participated in the NGO Fair held in Palas Mall, from May 9 to 11, 2014. Together with other NGOs, we had the opportunity to present volunteering opportunities, social initiatives and other activities of interest to the public. We also had the chance to inform the civil society regarding the campaigns and the work undertaken by the Star of Hope Romania Foundation at present.

The NGO Fair held The NGO Fair held

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