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Activities conducted at the Center "Star of Hope" Dorohoi

1. Once with the coming of spring, with the sun that warms our hearts, the coordinators from Star of Hope Foundation Dorohoi, as harbingers of spring have prepared together with children from the Center, a special program for their parents.

On musical accords, children with special needs at the Centre "Star of Hope" Dorohoi submitted without words the love they have for their mothers. Children expressed their emotions and feelings through colors, giving to their mothers a painting made by them. Parents appreciated the paintings of children through tears of joy and happiness.




Share means to make a change!

This year, in February, the team from Foundation Star of Hope Romania, beneficiated by important resources in professional and personal development field. How? Because of Mrs. Eivor Kraft, lecturer and specialist in communication field. The main focus of the meeting was on the importance which the dialogue have in the interhuman relation. Share means to make a change, not only on the person who receives the message, but to the one who send the message. An open dialogue involves sharing, listening, empathy, involvement and accordingly change. "Every human being has a history (a luggage of feelings, emotions, knowledge) and our histories meet every day." (Eivor Kraft).




Activities developed at the Center Star of Hope Iasi

The Day of love – February 14, 2014

First of all, you need courage and then you need even more courage to perform a road of love, in a legitimate frame created by God, the FAMILY! These families of children which receiving rehabilitation services in the Regional Rehabilitation Centre "Star of Hope" Iaşi, who resisted in time, to the difficulties they have encountered in family life, are truly models of dedication, self-sacrifice and unconditional love.

That's why they deserved to be rewarded, with slightly from us, with much more from God, for what they realised. It was a relaxing time when each one had the posibility to convey a good thought to life partner also did not lack surprises.




Activities developed at the Day Center "Star of Hope" Husi February - March 2014

Month February 2014

Training Course for parents. Mrs. Kraft Eivor, communication specialist and human rights, met with parents of children in the Day Center Star of Hope Huşi and discussed the importance of their involvement in initiatives to amend the law and respecting the rights of the child. Also, Mrs. Eivor Kraft spoke about the role that parents play in the process of raising and educating children and shaping the future of children with their support. Apart from the education on that children receive in schools, a greater impact is the education they receive in the family. Kids are the mirror of the family!




Activities developed at the Day Center Star of Hope Barlad

1. At the beginning of February, the parents which have children with disabilities at the Day Center Star of Hope Barlad had a meeting with Mrs. Eivor Kraft - communication specialist and human rights. To face with our social condition like parents group which have children with special needs, we analysed our resources together with Mrs. Eivor. We discussed about the principles for an efficient communication: to communicate doesn’t mean to talk a lot, but to belive that you are heard, to share from your experience and to receive what the listener have to share with you from his life experience. The fact that this parents have children with different diagnostics, shouldn’t be a brake in communication.




March 21 - World Day of Down Syndrome

"Come today, March 21, 2014, at 12:00, in Union Square in Iasi, at Diversity March!" On facebook page of Star of Hope Romania Foundation was written this invitation, with the occasion of International Day of Down Syndrome.

Why Diversity march? All participants wore colored socks, various, as a mark of distinction on that makes the X chromosome at persons with Down Syndrome and they joined in a circle of unity, equality .

The result ... 300 people who came to support and to celebrate the day of persons with Down syndrome.

Purpose of the event was that to be visible, to make the community to understand what Down Syndrome is and how people with Down syndrome have an active role in their communities.





De-a lungul celor 20 de ani Fundaţia Star of Hope Romania a reuşit să ajute peste 10.000 de copii aflaţi în dificultate, în special copii cu dizabilităţi.

Fundaţia a înfiinţat şi susţine financiar 6 centre de zi în Iaşi, Huşi, Bârlad, Botoşani, Dorohoi şi Vaslui pentru copiii aflaţi în dificultate care depăşesc peste 1000 de beneficiari.

Cele mai mari realizări ale Fundaţiei Star of Hope Romania le reprezintă: dezvoltarea unui model unic de bune practici privind ”Reabilitarea bazată pe Comunitate” şi înfiinţarea Centrului Regional de Reabilitare pentru copii şi tineri cu dizabilităţi în Iaşi. În cadrul centrului, echipa de specialişti oferă consultanţă, sprijin şi asistenţă pentru aproximativ 300 copii anual si familiile acestora din toate judeţele din regiunea de nord est a României.

Fundaţia Star of Hope Romania a înfiinţat în anul 2012 Fedaraţia Naţională a Organizaţiilor de părinţi care au copii cu dizabilităţi, care însumează peste 2000 de beneficiari din regiunea de NE a României.

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