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The international day of Down syndrome

Down syndrome is a chromosomal arrangement that always was part of the human condition, being present in all nations, genres and socio-economical environments. Its occurrence is 1 in 800 new born babies. Even if there is a great variety of its incidence worldwide, the Down syndrome produces different degrees of intellectual and physical disabilities, as well as additional medical problems.

About the International Day of Down syndrome

This day was officially set on March 21 in 2006 by “Down Syndrome International” and is celebrated in 60 countries worldwide.

This date represents the uniqueness of chromosome 21 that produces this genetically estate. The goal on this occasion is to increase the awareness level, to understand the Down syndrome and to promote the rights of all the people with Down syndrome to enjoy life with dignity and to be active and valuable members in the local communities and societies.


In December 2011, The General Assembly of United Nations voted unanimously the Acknowledgement Resolution for the date of 21/3 as the International Day for the People with Down syndrome. The resolution was proposed and promoted in Brazil and was supported by 78 UN members.

Starting with 2012, this day has been celebrated in 192 countries.

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